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SUPCO Becomes Exclusive Master Distributor of Pipe Vise Products


Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc. Becomes Exclusive Master Distributor of Pipe Vise Products

SUPCO and Pipe Vise Partner to Bring Premium Pipe Tools to a Global Network of HVACR & Plumbing Distributors


Allenwood, NJ – September 30, 2022 - Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc. (SUPCO), a global manufacturer and distributor of HVACR and Appliance parts, announced that they have become the exclusive national Master Distributor of Pipe Vise™ pipe tools which include pipe vises, pipe wrenches and pliers.


The exciting partnership allows SUPCO to add professional pipe tools to its product offering.  The partnership meshes SUPCO’s expansive reach and relationships with a national and global network of HVACR, Plumbing, Property Maintenance and Appliance wholesale distributors, with Pipe Vise’s™ strong trade following.


“We seek brands that are closely tied to the modern technician and offer innovative solutions for the trade,” says Chris Mancuso, President of SUPCO.   “We’ve done it with SolderWeld®, and we are doing it with our own SUPCO TradeFox® technician invented product line.”  With a high demand from the trade and an excellent reputation for quality, Pipe Vise were a logical fit for SUPCO.   “We will introduce the Pipe Vise™ line to brick-and-mortar HVAC and Plumbing supply houses making it easy for them to offer these products to contractors,” Mancuso says.


The Pipe Vise product line includes steel and aluminum pipe vises, steel and aluminum pipe wrenches and pliers. The unique and standalone nature of the brand’s standing pipe vises eliminates the hassle of struggling with two pipe wrenches. 


 “We’ve been looking for the right partnership to get the Pipe Vise brand more accessible to HVACR and Plumbing supply houses across the country,” says Brennan Perot, Pipe Vise CEO. “We are excited to have SUPCO handle the distribution side so we can focus on creating and manufacturing more innovative products.”


 SUPCO has assumed all of Pipe Vise’s Wholesale distributor accounts and is taking new and existing Wholesale orders.  Wholesalers with existing SUPCO accounts can easily add Pipe Vise products to their regular SUPCO orders.  


 About Pipe Vise

Pipe Vise is a Texas based company and manufacturer of portable standing pipe vises and premium pipe tools.  As former tradesmen, the founders of Pipe Vise knew firsthand how struggling with two pipe wrenches could cause frustration on demanding jobs.  The father/son team started by manufacturing one product – the Bigfoot – which almost literally offered a much needed third hand.  With the success of the Bigfoot, the company expanded their product line, harnessed the power of social media and quickly became a brand that plumbers and mechanical contractors have come to trust for the toughest jobs due to the brand’s relentless dedication to high quality and durability.


 About SUPCO, Inc.

For over 75-years SUPCO’S outstanding reputation has allowed the company to serve as a leader in the HVACR and aftermarket Appliance industry by manufacturing and distributing a complete line of value-oriented, technician-focused products to global wholesale distributors.


Headquartered in Allenwood, NJ, SUPCO operates proprietary engineering and manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, the Midwest and abroad.  SUPCO maintains a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors to serve both domestic and international markets.


As a company founded on innovation and discovery, SUPCO recognizes that some of the most ingenious product ideas come directly from those who understand the challenges of the job firsthand.  Their exclusive product line – SUPCO TradeFox®, features products that have been invented by real trade technicians.  Under the SUPCO TradeFox® Inventor Program, SUPCO helps technicians bring their inventions to life and to the market through their years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and its expansive distribution reach.

 Within the last decade, SUPCO’s strategic growth has included acquisitions of Climate TechnologyCorporation (CTC®), A-1® Components , Cam-Stat®, Jason Industrial® aftermarket Appliance, NAPCO® and AquaSolve® Chemical Corporation.


 In August of 2022, SUPCO was acquired by NSI Industries, a leading manufacturer in the Electrical, HVAC and Building Technologies industry.  For over 45-years, NSI has connected distributors to products, services, and technologies. By staying grounded in the principles of service and value, NSI delivers high-quality, industry-advancing, and comprehensive product solutions that enable growth.





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